Water Resources


Clean water, delivered by reliable and cost-effective systems and facilities is fundamental to our modern society. At Nova Services, we are committed to employing the highest design standards in water infrastructure to ensure public safety and improve the communities we serve. From initial investigations, to detailed hydraulic/hydrologic modeling and flood control planning and design, our team is prepared for any challenge.

Nova Services provides innovative solutions for clients across many market sectors including aviation, education, transportation and utilities. Knowledge and experience are a given, but ambition is what sets us apart.


We carry a full line of proprietary water treatment products intended for the protection and life extension of HVAC and water process equipment. Emphasis is placed on energy conservation and the elimination or limitation of scale, corrosion, bacteria, and algae. We are qualified to provide all of (but not limited to) the following:

  • Chemical feed pumps, water management controllers, and bypass feeders
  • Water softening chemicals, filtration, and supplies
  • Chlorinations/ flushing of water systems
  • Water conservation programs and equipment
  • Secondary containment tank systems
  • Legionella testing and control program

Sewer Design

  • Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modeling
  • Storm and Sanitary Sewer Modeling
  • Sanitary Sewer Design
  • Stormwater Permitting
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Drainage Studios

Water Supply

  • Distribution
  • Pump Stations
  • Trenchless Technologies
  • Inspection

Flood Control

  • Floodplan and Floodway Modeling
  • Flood Control Planning and Design
  • Stormwater and Floodplain Ordinance Development and Review
  • Flood Insurance Study (FIS) Modeling and Mapping
  • FEMA Letter of Map Revision (LOMR)
  • Wetland Impact Mitigation

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