Often the most critical components of a building are beneath the surface. Hidden from view, these complex systems keep power flowing, water running, the temperature comfortable and your occupants protected. Finding success with any facilities project starts by partnering with an experienced team that can meet your business goals while working within the aesthetics of your space. At Nova Engineering & Construction Services, we focus on energy and resource efficiency to develop systems that provide end-users with what they need most comfort, reliability and a simple user interface.


From K-12 to higher education, functional and flexible learning spaces are key to a successful learning environment. We are committed to designing and maintaining cost-efficient systems that create comfortable surroundings for students and faculty. Our team has the experience and expertise to design everything from administrative spaces to research labs, single rooms to entire buildings or a campus master plan with utilities distributed throughout the site. When your facility demands quality and operational excellence, Nova Services deliver.


For healthcare, it’s simple — systems save lives. That means every project we complete is designed with safety, maintainability, operations and redundancy in mind. Our experienced team can navigate the numerous codes and requirements required of healthcare facilities.


When it comes to developing commercial facilities, we focus on creating systems that can adapt to your tenants’ needs without adding to the overall costs. An easily-adjustable environment with simple-to-operate controls and sophisticated technology is the key. Our team leverages their industry experience and expertise to determine the optimal system that minimizing life cycle operational costs. We deliver quality designs for our clients. That's the Nova Services way.


Our goal is to meet the building system needs of today while anticipating future needs. We design state-of-the-art systems that provide the highest level of energy efficiency, and an optimized economy of operation. Our expert team of mechanical and electrical engineers, plumbing and HVAC specialists, energy and professionals collaborate for our clients’ MEP design projects.

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