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Where others see just another project, we are driven by a desire to be great for our clients and our communities. We are more than just builders. We are advocates for improving the world around us.

Our Team

At Nova Services, we are driven by the strength of our differences. We are a dedicated team of quality-minded tradespeople, signatory to the Carpenters, Laborers, Painters, Tapers and Operators. We bring a palpable enthusiasm to the work we do and the people we do it with, plus a devotion to our communities that’s as real as it gets. Our skilled team members are friendly and easy to work with, winning over tough-to-please general contractors, architects and owners.

We provide engineering solutions within shop drawing submittals, and design-build solutions for unique projects. Our team defines the scope of work, creates a budget and schedule, then works closely with stakeholders to assure a successful outcome. We take pride in our work and strive for quality with every swing of the hammer.

We are here to work and provide lead carpenters with many years of experience. Builders to the bone, our honesty, attention to detail, customer service, and willingness to do whatever it takes translates into quality workmanship, peace of mind for the general contractor, and excellent results for the client.


Core Competencies

Our talented team is ready to provide quality craftsmanship for your next project: framing, drywall, rough and finished carpentry, acoustical ceilings, doors and millwork. Nova Construction understands the bidding process lays the foundation for a successful project. We provide responsible bids, itemized by trade, so your estimating department can quickly and efficiently review our proposals.

Our seasoned team safely and efficiently performs work in the following trade divisions:

  • Specification Section 05 40 00 Cold-Formed Metal Framing
  • Specification Section 05 41 00 Structural Metal Stud Framing
  • Specification Section 06 00 00 Wood, Plastics, and Composites
  • Specification Section 08 00 00 Openings
  • Specification Section 09 00 00 Finishes
  • Specification Section 10 00 00 Specialties
  • Specification Section 12 00 00 Furnishings


Our intimate knowledge of the project coupled with the vast experience of our staff, enables us to identify potential problems early, and address them before they become so big they are difficult to manage. Our approach to all facets of construction management and general contracting is to first develop a thorough understanding of our projects by reviewing all of the project documents, visiting the project site, and discussing the project with the owner, architect, and engineers.

We utilize the latest scheduling, estimating, and contract management software in conjunction with our in-house best management practices to deliver successful projects safely, on time, and within budget.


We are a dedicated multidisciplinary team of many talented professionals with individuals licensed in different regions, signatory to the carpenters, laborers and operators.

What distinguishes us from our competition is how we work together with our clients to identify their needs, and collaborate with them to ensure that their objectives are met.

We know that there will be challenges on every project, and we have found that when the owner and contractor are working together with a common goal, there are no challenges that cannot be overcome. This has been our recipe for success and we are confident that this will enable us to sustain continuous growth in the industry.


  • Framing
  • Drywall
  • Rough & Finished Carpentry
  • Acoustical ceilings
  • Doors
  • Millwork

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