About Us


Nova Engineering and Construction Services was founded with the goal of building the best engineering company in the country. We know if we hired great people, fueled their passion while challenging them to excel, and maintained a laser focus on the needs of our clients, success would come. Our portfolio of successful projects continues to grow, our family of highly satisfied clients continues to expand, and our staff just gets better and better.

We are a unique firm whose collective passion, vision and expertise have led to phenomenal growth. With many talented professionals, Nova Services offers a dynamic work environment where there is no limit to what you can achieve if you are willing to go after it.


Be a positive impact - improving communities around the world through innovative engineering and construction.


Propel a diverse culture of exceptional talent to deliver superior solutions to complex engineering and construction challenges around the globe.


Active Diversity

At Nova Engineering and Construction Services, we are driven by the strength of our differences. With steadfast intent, we cultivate a team that represents and connects with the communities we impact. We seek a dynamic blend of culture, background, race, gender, age and experience because we believe diversity is our strongest asset. It leads to the creative teamwork that brings our people together, and sets our company apart.

Constant Quality

We find solutions, create opportunities and predict what's needed next, now. We believe that quality isn't just what you deliver but how. So, we hold each other accountable and exceed expectations every time. We take initiative. We take responsibility. We deliver results.

Fierce Integrity

Integrity is a prerequisite. It takes honesty. Fairness, honoring our commitments, and doing what's right no matter what. It means staying true to who we are and where we come from. But that's just the start. At Nova Services, we bring a palpable enthusiasm to the work we do and the people we do it with. Plus, a devotion to our communities that's as real as it gets. You can feel our energy from the office to the field.

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